Wednesday, April 25, 2012


There are several diet plans available which help in losing weight . However the selection of diet programme depends upon the following factors.

A) Age of the individual .

B) How much weight loss is targeted by the dieter per week / month & total weight the individual is required to lose.

C) Health condition of the dieter, is he or she Diabetic / Hypertensive / Thyroid Patient / Renal patient / Cardiac Patient etc .

D) Food Habit of the dieter, is the individual Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian as some diet plans like GM Diet includes Beef.

E) Etiology of Obesity or Over weight is very important to determine why & how the individual has gain extra pounds.. In case it is due to Heredity or genetic reasons the person may take time to lose weight .If it is due to Hypothyroidism than unless the underlying ailment is cured weight loss programme will not effective . If due to some medications weight has gone up , unless the medications are stopped weight loss may not take place . If due to pregnancy then the weight loss will be gradual.

F) lifestyle / Working patterns / Working hours also to be considered while selecting a particular diet regime .

G) Food Allergy , It is important to determine is the dieter allergic or non-allergic to particular food item ...for instance a dieter may not follow Hollywood Diet if he or she is allergic to Grape fruit .

H) Financial Status , certain diet plans like Atkins Diet focus on high intake of Proteins & fats ...Commercially Protein & fat rich foods are expensive . Therefore a dieter who is not able to spend more on Protein & fat rich food items should not opt for Atkins or similar diet plans.

General Motors Diet commonly known as GM DIET is one of the most effective & safe weight reducing diet plan . Although it includes Beef but Modified version of GM designed for Vegans is also availabl . Normally 2-3 Kgs of weight is lost in a weeks time if followed properl . Apart from this Green tea (unoxidized tea ) is very effective in weight loss , regular tea should be replaced with Green tea for weight loss. Junk foods should be said Good Bye for ever as when you are dieting a smallest intake of Junk food will shoot the weight tremendously. No meal should be skipped ...if you are taking 6 meals per day at regular interval , maintain that ...for effective weight loss .

Obesity is a silent killer as it brings along, many associated ailments like Diabetes, Chronic Heart Diseases , Renal failure , problems with reproduction etc apart from this social criticism & avoidance. Lifestyle of a person greatly influence the effectiveness of weight loss plan. The dieter along with diet specifications should change his or her physical activity pattern. Isotonic exercises like walking, swimming, jogging & cycling should be included in daily schedule along with dieting. Sleeping hours are also important, adequate sleep influences metabolism of individual. Therefore early to bed, early to rise. Yoga aasans not only aid in reducing extra pounds but also increases vitality & immune . With age muscle mass decreases & therefore weight loss is slow. Thus elderly people should not worry lot if they do not lose weight instantly.

Crash diets are not safe from various points, they may cause intense fatigue, nausea , headache , mood swings etc . Also increase in acetone bodies in blood which can affect renal function. Therefore it is advisable to avoid crash diets instead steady diet plans along with Isotonic exercises & or Yoga is safer way of shedding extra pounds.

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